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Ora Time and Expense is a great money management application
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John Wu

Ora Time and Expense is a great money management application. It is built under open Adobe AIR's framework, which has made some great applications possible. Ora Time and Expense is one of those applications, which can be run in several different operative systems. It is also free. With Ora Time and Expense, you can track your expenditure with ease. The first thing you have to do is create a new project which will house all your transactions and charges. Therein, you can start a timer at any given time to figure out how much time a certain task takes you. Then, you can bill your client according to the time something took you to complete or you can simply add the value manually. You can even add charges for meals and trips that you take on the job. But, what really caught my eye is the support for web cameras. If you are given receipts for anything, and you don't want to lose those, you can simply snap a photo of them and they will be saved within the application, and you can even print them later.

José Fernández
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